[I. Websites]

  • Atheopaganism - Mark Green’s website about Atheopaganism, the religious path he invented that is non-theistic and includes science and skepticism among its core pillars.

[II. Communities]

  • Atheopaganism - a Facebook group for folks interested in discussing and connecting around Atheopaganism, a science-based pagan religion created by Mark Green.

  • SASSWitches - a subreddit for “Skeptic, Agnostic, Atheist, and generally Science-Seeking folk to share memes, support one another, and develop rituals.”

[III. Media]

  • The Placebo Magick Podcast - a podcast about the use of magick as a model of psychological interaction.

  • Sedna Woo - Sedna Woo’s YouTube channel, where she discusses atheist/non-supernatural witchcraft.

[IV. Books]